Cookie Policy

The cookie is a short text file which is sent by our webserver to your tool (let it be any kinds of computer, mobile phone or tablet) and reads it back. There are temporary cookies (also called session cookies) and there are one with longer lifespan which remain on your tool for a longer time (also depending on the settings of your tool). On our website there are cookies handling personal and non-personal ones alike. You can modify your settings for cookie handling based on this information any time, under the heading “cookie settings”.

We inform you that there are two kinds of cookies applied: to one category belong all those which are inevitable for the operation of the webpage/ web shop/application, to the other one belong those which are not like this and provide you with limited access to the operation and usage of the webpage/ web shop/application due to the lack of these cookies.

We inform you that that there are two types of cookies handling personal data, to one of them belong those which are necessary for the provision of our service, to the other one belong those which are not like this, and provide you with limited access to the operation and usage of the webpage/ web shop/application due to the lack of these cookies (i.e. you do not agree to their usage).

  1. the data controller and its availability: LET’S Code Kft., head office: H-1134 Budapest, Klapka utca 11. 2 nd floor., address: H-1134 Budapest, Klapka utca 11. 2 nd floor., e-mail:, central phone number: +36707031933, „Braining Hub”),
  2. the data protection employee and her availability:
  • Data protection employee: Bettina Orbán
  • Address: H-1134 Budapest, Klapka utca 11. 2 nd floor.,
  • E-mail:

The personal data collected by cookies are stored in the server room of the BRAINING HUB at MédiaCenter Hungary Kft. 6001 Kecskemét, Sosztakovics u. 3. II/6. For storing personal data BRAINING HUB resorts to MédiaCenter Hungary Kft. 6001 Kecskemét, Sosztakovics u. 3. II/6 as an operator. In order that no unauthorised people can have access to its data, the BRAINING HUB provides for storing personal data and prevents unauthorised access as follows:

  • every access with the data will be logged traceably
  • caters for virus protection continuously on the network handling personal data
  • prevents the network access of unauthorized people with the help of the available computer tools.

The name of the cookie: _dc_gtm_UA-*

The purpose of the cookie: This internal cookie is used by Google Tag Manager to differentiate between webpage users and events, and to analyse activities done by users of the page. Monitoring of users’ data takes place anonymously.

The name of the cookie: Facebook cookies (starting with fbss_)

The purpose of the cookie: Their usage is necessary for operations and functions related to Facebook (for example, to enter with Facebook identifier).

Our webpage uses the Google Analytics application which is a web analytical service of the Google Inc. at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States (“Google”).

Based upon your prior consent the Google is to analyse for us how you tend to use our webpage. All the information related to your usage of your webpage (for instance, the type of operational system, the other webpages visited by you (URL), language settings, screen settings) are forwarded to the United States for Google where these are stored and analysed, and the results are provided to us anonymously.

Your data will not be linked to your whole IP address during the process. An IP anonymising function is activated on our webpage, which was recommended by Google, and this deletes the last 8 digits (in case of IPv4) and 80 bits (in case of IPv6) of the IP address. As Google possesses the Privacy Shield of the EU and the US, based on this, it provides a proper level of data protection in case of data forwarding by Google to the US.

You can withdraw your contribution to the web analysis any time, by downloading and installing Browser Plugin of Google, or by modifying your consent listed in the chart above, in which case you download an opt-out cookie. Both options only prevent the further usage of web analysis if you use that type of browser onto which you installed the plugin, or if you do not delete the opt-out cookie.

For further information on Google Analytics, please turn to read the General Terms and Conditions of Google Analytics, the Safety and Security Guidelines and the Google Data Protection Information.

You can forward any of your questions, queries or protests about your stored data and data handling in writing or in e-mail to any of the availabilities given under section II.2 of the present handout of the BRAINING HUB.

  1. You can initiate an investigation at the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (correspondence: 1530 Budapest, Pf.: 5., phone: +36 (1) 391-1400, email:, webpage: with reference to the violation of your personal data, or with its potential risk, or,
  2. You can turn to court in case of infringement of your rights, against BRAINING HUB as data processor. The case shall be given priority be the court. It is the BRAINING HUB’s duty to prove that the data processing is in conformity with the law. The final judgement of the lawsuit belongs to the scope of the tribunal. The lawsuit cane be started – depending on your choice – at the tribunal belonging to your permanent residence or temporary address.

The browsers enable you to change cookie settings. Most browsers accept cookies as default automatically, however, it can be changed in order to prevent automatic acceptance following the setting. If you would like to know more about the modification of browser settings, check the instructions or the help centre of the browser. You can get more information about the most popular cookie settings on the links below: